• Since the establishment in 1998, Zhejiang XingxingBejoan Co., Ltd. has become the smart toilet enterprise with leading technology in domestic, top capacity scale and sales base on the independent brand after 20 years of development. The company took part in the drafting of national, industrial, local three product standards (National standard GB/T34549-2017 《Sanitary ware smart toilet》, Industry standard CBMF15-2016 《Smart toilet》 and Local standard 《“Zhejiang Made” standard-smart toilet》). The company hold the post of the vice president unit of the Smart Toilets Branch of China Ceramics Industry Association, the vice president of the Smart Household Appliance Branch of China Building Ceramics & Sanitaryware Association and the deputy director of the Bathroom Appliance Committee of China Household Electrical Appliances Association. The Company won honors such as “Top 10 Induction Sanitaryware Manufacturers”, “New High-tech Enterprise”, “Zhejiang Province Famous Business”, “Zhejiang Name Brand”, the first certification of Smart Toilet “Zhejiang Made”, “Top 10 Units of the National After-sales Service Industry” and so on. The customers of the company include the Party School of the CPC Central Committee, the West Lake State Guest House which the hotel accommodated foreign heads of state during the G20 2016 Hangzhou Summit, Hangzhou West lake five-star public toilet and so on. Xi Jinping, the state leader, was the party secretary of Zhejiang province at that time, visited and inspected the company in 2002. Zhang Dejiang (The former party secretary of Zhejiang province, now the Chairman of the National People's Congress), Zhi Shuping (The director of the State Administration for Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine), Li Qiang (The former Governor of Zhejiang Province, Now the Secretary of the Shanghai municipal Party committee), Che Jun (The party secretary of Zhejiang province), Feng Fei (The standing deputy governor of Zhejiang) and Gao Xingfu (The vice governor of Zhejiang) also visited and inspected the company successively.

    The company pay much attention to the technology research and development. The company hold the philosophy of “joyful bathroom”, center on the demands of “Clean•Comfortable•Healthy”, commit to solve the problem of odour when going to the bathroom, problem of water quality of cleaning and problem of toilet cleanliness, lead the new trend of joyful bathroom. The company research and develop new products of Foam Shield, Air Purification, Water Purification and so on. The new products are pushed firstly in the industry, ensure the company a paramount position when it comes to the smart toilet manufacturing technology. The smart toilet of Big data Health control, home unaware health monitoring which came into the market at the beginning of 2018 can monitor the physiological parameters(heart rate, body fat rate) of human body, achieve long time record of physiological parameters by unaware way, make the smart toilet become a health inspection and management platform at home.

  • The company pay much attention to the product quality. The Company built the CNAS smart toilet laboratory, the properties of the smart toilet are tested in all kinds of strenuous environments and under tough conditions, and with the environmental differences between the North and the South of China and various usage environment in the bathroom taken into consideration. There are three 60,000 timesin durability test include 60,000 times of overturn, 60,000 times of trampling and 60,000 times of swaying; There are 4 highs in waterproof and dampproof test include high temperature, high humidity, high water proof and high salt fog. For example, the products will go through the temperature from 80℃ drop to 40℃ in 4 minutes in the high and low temperature telescopic test and deformation test; And after being powered on, the product will go through a spray test to ensure that its circuit can work properly even when the whole product is sprayed with water. All the products of Bejoan must pass dozens of strict tests before they are delivered.

    The company pay much attention to the independent brand construction. The enterprise has firmly built the consciousness of independent brand since the establishment and invested heavily in building its own brand over the years. In 2016, a Bejoan’s CCTV advertisement video of more than 10 years ago became the classic and nostalgia film in the opening of Topics in Focus program on CCTV dramatically. The advertisement was called the first spring thunder of smart toilet industry in China. Due to the construction of independent brand is fruitful, Bejoan brand was reported specially by News Channel of CCTV in2015,《Topic in Focus》on CCTV 1 in 2016, column Dialogue on CCTV 2 in 2017 and Consumer Advocates on CCTV2 in 2017 and 2018. And Bejoan become the only smart toilet brand in China which was reported by CCTV for 4 years in a row.

    Bejoan will keep firmly in mind the enterprise mission of building the joyful bathroom, insist the core value of respecting the customers, keeping the promises, loving to learn and loving the life, commit to build the brand image of professional, leading, high-end super clean smart toilet, strive for becoming the leader of smart bathroom industry, embrace a new industrial development with a new attitude.

    Bejoan, super clean smart toilet.

  • Mission

    Build joyful bathroom

  • Vision

    Become the leader of smart bathroom industry

  • Core values

    Respect the customers, keep the promises,
    love to learn and love the life

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